a highlighter you need to try catrice brow lifter and highlighter

A highlighter you need to try: Catrice Brow Lifter & Highlighter

a highlighter you need to try catrice brow lifter and highlighterI used to be a little scared of highlighters. And of establishing a brow routine for that matter. But as I started trying some things out I quickly fell in love with highlighting my brow. So I started looking for things I could use specifically for under my eyebrows. And I found this pencil. I saw it and it immediately caught my eye. I’m always a bit scared of putting glitter anywhere (as I must have mentioned before), as I feel it can quickly be too much. But this pencil has two sides, one with a little pearly sheen and one with a matte light pink.  a highlighter you need to try catrice brow lifter and highlighterThe matte pink is creamy and quite thick. It’s pigmented and is very easy to blend. The pearly side is also creamy and very blendable, not as pigmented in colour, but because of the shimmer it perfectly reflects light. Here you can see the two colours side by side, swatched on my arm. The first is taken with the flash of my camera and the second by daylight.a highlighter you need to try catrice brow lifter and highlighterOn the images above you can see what the pencil looks like when applied. The first image shows how it looks without anything, the second one with the matte pink and the third with the pearly pink. there is not as much difference, but the shimmer is clearly visable in the third picture, especially in the corner of my eye.

I started trying out some things and I found I like the pearly side best for on my browbone and the matte one in the corner of my eye. Another thing I found is that I really like to apply the matte pink in my lower waterline, which brightens your eyes and makes you look a little more awake.

I’ve been using this every time I’ve taken the time to do my brows and I’m surprised by how quickly it’s become unmissable to my routine.

Have you tried something like this? What are your tips for highlighting your eyebrows and eyes? Let me know down in the comments!



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