Strawberry yogurt breakfast smoothie bowl

Breakfast ideas: Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

It’s strawberry season, which means everyone’s looking for ways to put this bright red fruit into their food. Here in the Netherlands we have the strange habit of eating it on bread with a little sugar. But actually, every way to eat strawberries seems to be fine. To be honest I wouldn’t know, because it seems I’m the only person in the whole wide world who doesn’t really like strawberries.

However, my mom likes them a lot. So one morning I decided to make introduce my mom to the trend that’s currently floating about: the smoothie bowl. I thought I’d surprise her my making her breakfast and putting in loads of strawberries. She told me it was very delicious and it’s also really easy to make, so here goes:

For the base I used yogurt, and I think a thick greek style yoghurt would be perfect. I put it in a blender together with a little splash of forest fruit juice, a big handful of fresh ripe strawberries and half a banana. For the toppings I used the other half of the banana, cut into slices, a generous spoonful of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and almond flakes (to add a little crunch), another handful of strawberries (which I cut in half) and a few blueberries. The greyish powder you see is some kind of walnut powder, which is supposed to be a little sweet.


Enough yogurt to fill your bowl to about ¾ (Greek style, but other work too)

1 banana, in slices

A splash of forest fruit juice

Two big handfuls of strawberries

A few blueberries

Almond flakes

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Walnut powder (or honey or something to use as a little sweetener)


What’s your favourite ingredient for a smoothie bowl?



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