How To: Halloween Cracked Porcelain Look

neutraal-webHalloween is coming! And with Halloween comes the time to play dress up again, sort of. We don’t really do Halloween here in the Netherlands. I wish we did, but apart from maybe a few parties and the odd pumpkin here and there, there’s not much going on around here. But I’ll take every opportunity to go all out on makeup. So I did. I always love seeing other people do these amazing looks, and although I never tried it before, I thought I’d give it a go. I haven’t used face paint since I was around 10 years old? So I thought I’d go for an easy look for my first time in a long time working with face paint. I opted to go for a few cracks, as if my skin was made of porcelain/china. Furthermore I wanted to give it a bit more contrast by making my skin look extra pale. You can also pop in some coloured lenses to give your eyes that eerie intense glowing look. Lastly I added some dark lipstick to finish the look.

Here you can see the finished look. I started with clean lightly moisturized skin. Then I primed my face with a clear primer. I mixed my foundation with a bit of white face paint to make it extra pale and applied that all over my face and neck, blending it into my hairline and onto my

I then used a greyish brown colour to add some shadows under my cheekbones and along my jawline and hairline. If you want to you can put a dark line under your cheekbones and blend it to make it look more like a doll’s face. I filled in my brows with a little bit of powder.

I then proceeded to line my waterline and my top and bottom lash line with a kohl eyeliner pencil. I blended the liner along my lash lines with a small eyeshadow brush. Using a larger brush, I placed a matte black eyeshadow powder in the crease of my eyelids and in the outer corner of my eyes. I blended this inwards and upwards, making sure there were no harsh lines left. I also put some more under my eye and blended this all the way to the inner corner of my eyes. I then took a dark purple grey colour and worked this from my inner corner outward. To finish the eyes I curled my lashes and put on a black mascara.ogen

To make the cracks under my eyes, I used an eye liner pen and drew the lines on. I put some matte grey eyeshadow on the lines to add a little bit of depth. I then used a small liner brush to put some blue and red streaks along them to make them stand out more.

For the lips I used a purple glossy lipstick. First I put on a lip liner (I used a clear one) and then put on the lipstick. I used a small lip brush to dab some matte black powder along the edges of my lips, creating a sort of ombre effect.lippen

You can add some contact lenses if you feel like it, and you just have to tilt your head down a bit and smile your creepiest smile and you’re ready to go.creepy-web

Do you go all out on Halloween? What look are you going for this year? Share it in the comments!



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