How To: Valentine’s Day Look

Chocolates, hearts and flowers. Romance is in the air. Half the world is floating on cloud nine and the other half is either wallowing in self-pity or celebrating their single status (okay, okay, I know the world isn’t that black and white). I belong to the latter half, which means I’ll be eating self-bought chocolates and all the flowers I currently have to marvel at, are the fake ones hanging from my bedframe.

But I do like a theme to work around when fiddling about with makeup. So valentine’s day is no exception. And though I won’t be trying to impress anyone other than myself (which is very important, self-love and all that), I came up with this Valentine’s day inspired look.I think this holiday asks for a little less bold look than some others might. So I went for pinkish nude eyes, but made the look pop with a slightly sheer pink/red lipstick. I got out the curling iron to put some romantic curls in and that’s all. I think this look works great with just a little lip balm, if you don’t want to wear lipstick… for some reason, if you catch my drift. Or if you just think a bright lip is a little to bold.
If you read this and want to know what brushes I use to do the following steps, I suggest you check out the info I gave on my basic brushes for foundation and eyes.contour

concealerI started with cleansing and moisturising my face. Make sure you give your skin time to soak up the product before starting on your foundation. I then proceeded to put on some primer on my face and neck. Then I used my damp beautyblender to dab my foundation into my skin. I dabbed some concealer on my spots and blemishes. My skin has a little more of a yellowish undertone, so I have a different more pinkish toned concealer to use under my eyes. I make a sort of triangle shape under my eyes, shown in the image here, where I put this to conceal the circles under my eyes. This shape also goes along my cheekbones, and because it’s lighter it makes my cheekbones look a little higher. I then powdered my face to set my foundation. After this I used some contour powder on my forehead, temples and under my cheekbones in a 3 shaped area (shown on the image) to bring some depth into my face. I also brushed a bit along my jawline and hairline. I popped a bit of highlighter on my cheekbones and brow bone. A little of peach blush on the apples of my cheeks and then on to the eyebrows! I very simply filled in my brows with a blonde pencil.

oog-dichtoog-openFor my eyes I started with a primer for eyeshadow. I then brushed some nude coloured eyeshadow on the whole lid. Then I used a crease brush to shade my crease with a liver coloured matte shade. Working towards the inner corner of my eyes, I used a pink satin shimmered colour in the middle and a lighter pastel pink satin colour in the inner corner. Make sure you blend the colours so you can’t see any harsh lines. I used a matte black powder and an angled brush to line my upper lid. I started about halfway and worked towards the outer corner. I lined my lower waterline with white pencil and put a little metallic light brown pencil on the lower lashline, again from halfway to the outer corner. Then I curled my lashes and applied some brown mascara.

For my lips I popped on some sheer and glossy cherry coloured lipstick. That’s it.

To finish the look I curled some loose curls in my hair with a curling iron.schuin-web

What are you doing this Valentine’s? Let me know in the comments down below!



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