How to wear peach on peach this spring

spring peach makeup look tutorialSpring is here! The days are getting longer, the weather warmer and the colours brighter. I have always loved bright colours and decided I wanted to integrate colour into my looks more. And what better way is there to do that, than by popping some colour into your daily makeup? One of the colours we’ll be seeing a lot of is peach. So I decided to use this gorgeous colour as my inspiration for this spring look. The beauty of this colour is that you can make it stand out as much as you like. For this look I’ve gone for a more subdued version, so it’s perfect for everyday wear!

I’ve started like I always do: cleansing and moisturising! The all-important base of every look. Then I primed my skin and put on liquid foundation, using my beautyblender, concealer and set the whole thing with some spring makeup tutorial

Whew, look at that pale face. But it’s the perfect base though!

I then put on some contour powder under my cheekbones, on my temples and along my jawline. I popped on some pink blush and dusted a little highlighting powder across my brow and cheekbones. Then I proceeded to fill in my brows with a blonde pencil (I usually use very little, as I have not yet mastered the art of filling in blonde brows :p).blush-contour-highlight peach makeup tutorial

spring peach eyeshadow look tutorialAnd now for the fun part: eyeshadow!

Okay, so, I’ve tried my best to show the different steps. In the left top corner you see the first step, which is priming. I then put on a nude base colour, followed by a peach colour all over the lid. After this I applied a brighter peach, just to make it “pop” a little more. Using a greyish brown, I put some depth in the look by applying it to the crease and also took this a little along (‘til about halfway) the lower lash line. I then used a small angled brush and some dark brown eyeshadow to line my upper lash line and make a cat-eye flick at the end. To make the look really pop I applied some white eyeshadow to my inner corner and on my brow bone and also lined my waterline with a white pencil. I finished the eyes by putting on some Eyelure fake lashes and a little mascara.eyelure lashes


This was the first time I used them and I have to say I’m very happy with the way they open up my eyes.


For the lips I decided to use another peach coloured item. Now as using the same colour on both eyes and lips might be a bit much, I decided to go for a subdued pale peach (Sleek’s Barely There).



I think this is a great look for a nice spring day! Colourful but wearable. What do think of the peach on peach?

What do you think of peach as one of spring’s most popular colours this year? Share it with me in the comments!



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