Last months in Bangor

So I haven’t really posted anything in the last couple of months… I have been busy, but should’ve written all of this down sooner.

Where did I end last time? Right, I told you about visiting Conwy and planning to go zip lining.

Well, a lot has happened since then and I’ll try to tell you all about it. In the next couple of weeks I went on a few trips. As I mentioned before I joined the photography society and with them I went to Portmeirion, which is a town on the coast, completely built in Italian style. I took some cool pictures there and the weather was great. That was definitely a very fun day!

port meirion coins in a tree closeupport meirion coins in a tree closeupport meirion townport meirion blue windowport meirion town sea

We also visited a nearby castle: Penrhyn Castle. This castle was built in the 1800’s and was unlike anything I’d ever seen, because compared to other castles I’ve been this one’s relatively “new”.penrhyn castle bangor walespenrhyn castle dining room tablepenrhyn castle hall mirror selfie

On this day the idea was also born to visit this castle again in the week leading up to Halloween. They were hosting a haunted castle tour which my flatmates and I decided to go on. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time since I’m still scared of the dark and I’ve never been in a haunted house before. I used to say I would never ever go in one, but it was actually me who convinced the others to join me. So on the 29th of October we went to the castle. It was dark, there were no streetlights and I was kinda scared just walking through the woodsy bit surrounding the castle, even though nothing would happen there. Then when we actually went on the tour itself, of course I was picked to participate. I was trying so hard to keep my cool and not do something stupid that I forgot to be scared and actually had a lot of fun. So if you’re ever near Bangor around Halloween I would definitely recommend a visit to Penrhyn Castle.

Because we don’t really do Halloween in Holland I was really excited and decided to just go all out for my costume, since I would probably not get the chance to do it again. There were two parties we decided to go to, a pre-halloween party and an actual Halloween party. Seeing as I already like doing makeup and dressing up, just preparing for the party alone got me in a great mood. For the actual Halloween party I became a vampire (I didn’t realise contacts would be so hard to put in!).

Halloween look as a vampire with fangs and white contacts

I decided to make the pre-party my back story and decided to go simple with just some bite-marks on my neck. I can honestly say that I’ve had the best nights out of my life in Bangor. Call me a late bloomer (I know I am so…), but I was drunk for the first time (responsibly!!!) and had my first kiss (we’ll get to that later) in the nightlife of Bangor. So if you’re worried about not having done something, don’t. I’m twenty and no one looked at me strangely before and my friends appreciate me for who I am (if they don’t, you’re too good for them). But back to the topic.

So on Halloween my flatmates and I went all out and looked hella fine, if I say so myself. Oh and that guy who looks like the joker, he’s kinda important so keep an eye out for him later on in this post.Halloween with the flatmates, nymph fairy vampire joker

On November 5th we went to Beaumaris to see the bonfire and fireworks.fireworks at bonfire night beaumaris fireworks at bonfire night beaumaris

Later in November my sister and her boyfriend came to visit me. My friend and I went hiking along the coast with them for a day and we spotted a baby seal! We kept our distance so we wouldn’t scare it but of course I took some pictures. The hike itself was nice and the surroundings were beautiful with the steep cliffs and the waves washing against the rocks below. Also, we kept running into hunters, which was kind of scary as we could hear and see them shooting not that far form us!Cliff hiking wales baby seal wales cliffs wales hiking

We also visited Caernarfon and its castle, which at that time was decorated with poppies for remembrance day.caernarfon castle poppy remembrance

Other than that, November was pretty uneventful. Apart from one little thing. Remember the guy I mentioned before? Well, he’s not just some random guy living in my dorm anymore. Nope, I can happily say that we’re together now. So November was pretty much about figuring all that out ;).

Then near the end of November some of my friends and me went on a trip to Manchester, which at the time had about ten Christmas markets for us to visit. We did some shopping, drank some mulled wine and got really cold, but we had a great time.manchester christmas market mulled wine at manchester christmas market

Moving on to December. By this time we started to feel the pressure of finishing up our work for uni before Christmas break. Oh! And of course the zip lining I mentioned before!

The zip lining was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I said before it was the longest and fastest in Europe, turns out it’s not just Europe, but the world! And non-adrenaline junkie me went on it.ziplining at zipworld bethesda wales zip lining at zipworld bethesda wales zip lining at zipworld bethesda wales zip lining at zipworld bethesda wales

When it was finally time for Christmas break, my friend and I went to London for 5 days. We visited Oxford, did a lot of sightseeing in London itself and went to see The Phantom of the Opera in Her Majesty’s theatre (which was amazing!).oxford harry potteroxfordoxford librarylondon christmas lights big ben by night from the london eye london by night from the london eye DSC_0093

I spent Christmas with some friends and we had a great time eating good food. In between Christmas and new year’s I visited my boyfriend in his hometown, and after that we celebrated Christmas back in Bangor with our friends.prestatyn with the boyfriend

My last two weeks in Bangor were spent getting a sore back from bending over my laptop and stressing out over writing papers.

And then it was already time to go back home again. Which was both sad because I really liked the people and the whole experience and of course I would have to leave my boyfriend behind, but I was also ready to go home again.

The whole experience has been one of the best in my life. I’ve learned so much and have grown so much within myself. I might do another blog post on what I’ve learned from this experience and why I would really recommend it to others.

But for now… I’m back blogging, so see you soon!!


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