kiko milano gossamer emotion creamy lipstick no. 111 sangria review swatch

Review: Kiko Milano Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick

kiko milano gossamer emotion creamy lipstick no. 111 sangria swatch reviewLipsticks are my absolute favourite piece of makeup. They can change a look from simple to sophisticated to sexy. They can pop some colour into your look or brighten it up. Especially now in summer it’s easier to add some bright colours just by applying a little lipstick. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of Kiko Milano’s lipsticks, so I couldn’t resist picking up this beauty when I popped into one of their shops.kiko milano gossamer emotion creamy lipstick sangria no. 111 review

I know the new collection has been out for a while now, but this one is from it. It’s the Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in no. 111. Sangria. It’s a dark, rich pink with a cold undertone. I usually go for the cooler toned lipsticks as they make your teeth appear whiter. This shade is great for the summer, because it’s such a playful yet sophisticated colour, but of course can also be worn all year round.kiko milano gossamer emotion creamy lipstick sangria no. 111 swatch

The packaging is a sleek dark metallic grey, with a golden button on the top. If you press the button the inner golden tube pops out, containing the actual lipstick. I think it’s great that Kiko make their lipsticks just a little special by adding gorgeous packaging and creating a fun way to open it instead of the same old basic cap.kiko-milano-gossamer-emotion-creamy-lipstick-no.-111-Sangria-cap-review

The lipstick itself has a very rich and creamy consistency, which I love. It feels great on my lips and also lasts quite a while. It’s not matte, but also not glossy or shimmery, but has a more subtle sheen like a lip balm. The colour is very pigmented, which makes it intense, and also last longer.

I have completely fallen for this product and would highly recommend it. It’s not expensive, but has great quality and is cruelty free!kiko-milano-gossamer-emotion-creamy-lipstick-swatch-on-lips

Have you tried the lipsticks by Kiko Milano? And do you prefer cool or warm toned colours on your lips? Let me know down below!



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