Review: Kiko Velvet Mat & Unlimited Stylo

alles-open-webThe first time I entered a Kiko shop was just about a year ago. I was on holiday with two of my best friends after finishing secondary/high school. I went to Barcelona and we went to this big shopping centre. I had never heard of the brand before and just thought it looked good for a reasonable price. So I decided to buy some lipstick. It was summery weather and I opted to go for some nice bright colours. I don’t particularly like putting anything shimmery on my lips so I bought a matte and a long lasting non-shimmering lipstick. Then a few weeks ago I found out the very first Kiko shop had been opened in the Netherlands. Since I had already made plans to visit Amsterdam for a day of visiting the Rijksmuseum and shopping, I thought why not pop by the brand new Kiko shop as well. Since I really loved the two lipsticks I had bought in Barcelona I decided to buy two more.

First I’ll tell you about the matte ones, Kiko’s matte line is called ‘velvet mat’. In Barcelona I bought a beautiful bright orangey-red colour, no. 605 (which is literally called: orange red). In Amsterdam I bought a rich dark pink-nude one, autumn pink, no. 611. The texture is so creamy, I absolutely love it. You know how matte lipstick can sometimes feel dry on your lips? Well, not this one.velvet-mat-web

Kiko says on its website ‘Enriched with K2 Repulp, multi-function plant extract active ingredient, the Velvet Mat formula keeps your lips beautiful, it works moisturizing, energizing, revitalizing and prevents aging.’

In the ingredients it also lists shea butter and castor oil, which should help to keep your lips moisturized.

I really like how the lipstick feels on your lips. It also stays on for quite a while, so you don’t have to go running to the nearest bathroom every ten minutes to fix it. It’ll probably last for a few hours. The casing is also an eye-catcher. It’s a pearly coloured tube, you know like the inside of those beautiful shimmering shells on the beach? And in this tube is a gold coloured tube that actually holds the lipstick. You need to push the gold one out of the pearly one to gain access to the lipstick. It may not be the most handy or quickest thing in the world, but it sure is pretty to look at.unlimited-stylo-web

Than for the long-lasting ones. These are called ‘unlimited stylo’. Their shape is a bit different than my average lipstick. The casing is simple and silver coloured with a stripe of the lipstick colour on the bottom. I bought a light pink one, called pearly vintage rose no. 02, in Barcelona and a bright red one, poppy red no. 06, in Amsterdam.

These lipsticks are also quite creamy and have a semi-matte colour when you put them on. Because it’s long lasting this feeling disappears after a while and you almost don’t feel like there’s anything on your lips at all. But there is, because this lipstick will last for about 6 hours and doesn’t transfer. So you can safely eat something while wearing it. I suggest you don’t go for a full meal and expect it to stay on completely though. Again this lipstick doesn’t make your lips feel dry, though the texture is a bit less creamy so it feels a bit more dry than the average glossy lipstick.swatches

Both kinds of lipstick come in a black matte box when buy them and they smell amazing, kind of sweet but not too much for my taste.

I really enjoy these lipsticks and they are the ones I wear most. I hope you’ll enjoy them too! Although, if you’re more of a glossy kind of girl, you probably won’t like these very much 😉

Have you tried Kiko’s lipsticks? Which ones are your faves? Let me know in the comments!



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