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Review: Maybelline Master Strobing Stick

Last week I was browsing through the makeup aisle and noticed this beauty at the Maybelline section. I had been looking for a highlighter that was a bit more…, well, highlighting than the one I normally use (which is the one in the contour kit by Sleek). This highlighting stick has recently been added to the collection and I couldn’t resist buying it. I was intrigued because I’ve been using powder and I wanted something a little more creamy. Which I’m guessing is what a stick is perfect for!

Maybelline master strobing stick in light iridescentmaybelline master strobing stick iridescent 100 highlighting

So I brought this beauty home with me and couldn’t wait to try it out. The texture of this product is awesome. I love that you can blend it out to make it subtle or add some more to really make that highlight pop. This is shade no. 100, light-iridescent, which is pink based and has cool undertones, whereas shade no. 200 has more of a warm golden tone to it and would be beautiful for people with a darker skin tone (unlike my pale cheeks, that do better with a cool highlight).

I found that this stick is the perfect in-between of a subtle powder and a “notice me!” highlighting liquid/drops. I couldn’t find any perfume in the ingredients, so this would also be suitable if you’re sensitive to that.

Maybelline master strobing stick in light iridescent

In this picture I have applied the highlighter to my cheekbones, as that is the place where I’ll always want some highlight.

I love the effect this product gives, it subtle but still noticeable, perfect for when you want just a little more of a glow to your look. I’m guessing I’ll be using this a lot when the weather finally decided to become more sunny, to give my face that extra fresh summery look!

I would, however, recommend not using it on top of a powder as this kind of messes up the texture of the stick and won’t blend well on the skin.

What kind of highlighter do you prefer? Let me know in the comments! Right now, I think I might have found a new fave in this one!

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