Review: NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick

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Recently I’d seen a lot of NYX products come by. After going on a much needed shopping trip with two of my friends I decided it was time for me to try it out. I’m a lover of lipsticks, anyone who knows me and my love for makeup will tell you my lipstick stash is ridiculous. So naturally I decided to buy another one. I had been playing with the idea of getting a greyish purple colour so I thought I would go for that. It is a colour that I actually did not own yet, or that I didn’t have anything similar to.NYX liquid lipstick lingerie embellishment

The colour that I got is no. 02, Embellishment. It’s from the NYX lingerie lipstick range and is a gorgeous matte grey-toned purple. It applies smoothly and you can easily apply a bit more without it looking weird. What I’m talking about is that some liquid lipsticks don’t apply smooth if you go over it another time and you can really see if you did that. Not with this one. Also you don’t see lines of your strokes with the brush. It dries matte, but it doesn’t feel as dry as some other matte liquid lipsticks do. One thing that I always find really annoying tho, is that the lines in your lips are really visible. My lips are not dry in this picture but you can still clearly see the grooves in my lips. So I would definitely  not recommend wearing this if you have a bit of dry lips going on.NYX liquid lipstick lingerie embellishment 02 swatchNYX liquid lipstick lingerie embellishment 02

This lipstick lasts quite a while and is able to withstand drinking and other things that would normally smudge your lipstick. Don’t go rubbing your lips on things tho, as it will smear a little. After eating, especially greasy food, you will probably wanna check if you need to reapply, but mostly on the inner edges of your lips. Most of the lipstick will still look just fine.

I’m curious to try other products by NYX, so I would really like to know if you’ve got some recommendations? If you’ve done a review please leave the link down below so I can check it out!


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