Review: W7 Lightly Toasted

As someone who loves makeup there are some products you crave to have in your possession. Among some other products I’d really like to have Urban Decay’s Naked palettes, but as a university student living on a small budget I just can’t afford it right now. So I went for the next best thing. I started looking for a dupe that would suffice and fulfil my needs. After scouring the internet I found some palettes that closely resembled the Naked line and decided to give them a try. I bought this palette by W7, it’s called In the buff: Lightly toasted. It’s supposed to closely resemble the first Naked palette. The packaging is made of metal and is a glossy dark brown. inside-web

It comes with a double ended sponge/brush applicator, but I prefer using my own brushes. The eyeshadows are fitted into a black foam-like palette, which is covered with a thin plastic sheet for protection.

There’s an array of earthly toned colours, in matte, satin and shimmer. The names of the colours are printed on the back of the metal casing. The swatches below show the colours of the palette from left to right: Teddy Bear – a very light pale pink with a slight satin finish, Wonderland – a shimmery pink, Cracker – a matte pale orangy-peach, Happy – a cold light pink with satin shimmer, Lady Luck – a matte milk chocolatey brown, Twister – a satin bright gold, Di Di – a satin shimmering bronze, Delilah – a slightly darker colder bronze with satin finish, Magic – a satin red copper, It’s a dream – a satin shimmering cold purple, Up in Smoke – an intense black with shimmering particles and the last colour Dawn – a shimmering grey.swatches W7 in the buff lightly toasted 1
swatches W7 in the buff lightly toasted 2Most colours have great pigmentation, but I’d highly recommend using a primer to get the best effect. You can also build the product if you want to. I noticed there is little to no fallout, which is really a big plus in my opinion.

Also the price is about €10, so it’s way cheaper than the real Naked palette. My guess is that the texture and pigmentation of the Naked palettes is a bit better and the colours are probably slightly different, but if you don’t have the money for the real deal, I think this one is the next best thing.

Have you tried the W7 Lightly toasted palette? What did you think? Are there any other (budget) palettes I could try that resemble the Naked palettes? Let me know down in the comments!



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