Why are you doing it?

I’m stressed and busy, but I wanted to write this post. I’m currently studying/revising for 3 exams. As per usual I’ve started too late and procrastinated like a pro during my courses. So my days kind of look like hours of reading (or trying to) and fighting the urge to do every other thing I want to. I don’t want to study because it feels like I haveto and I don’t have any other choice… but I chose to do this didn’t I?

It’s easy to forget the reason we started doing something, when it gets hard or when something starts to feel like an obligation. If you feel like this, try asking yourself why you are doing something. What is the reason you started doing it in the first place? Who are you doing it for? What do you want to achieve, and how do you get there?

Sometimes it might all seem too much, and you may want to give up. But don’t. Focus on why. It’s okay to have days where you aren’t feeling up to it. Lay it aside and think about the reasons you are doing it. Are they still the reasons you are doing it? Or have they changed? Is it still worth it, or does it cause you more trouble than joy?don't-forget-the-reason-why-quote

While there might be some things you simply have to do. If you are under 18 you might have to go to school, and if you are older you will have to work to earn money. But you can decide what you want to study, or think about why you are even going to school. And while you might have to work to make sure you have a roof over your head and food on the table, you can choose to do work you enjoy. And think of the reasons for going to work every day.

Again it is okay to not feel like doing something, but it might help to realise it isn’t all bad or that it is time to quit something. This is how I decided to stop going to the gym. By thinking why I was going. At first I wanted to go to the gym because it was healthy and I would go with a friend. But then my friend moved somewhere else and I couldn’t find any joy in going to the gym. So, for me, the negatives had more impact than the positives. I decided to stop making myself go to that dreadful gym, as this was how I’d started to see it now, and try cycling more and taking the stairs instead of the lift to my fourth floor apartment. This made me way happier than going to the gym. But most of the time I realise I’m dreading something that I actually really want to do. For example, sometimes I really don’t feel like reading something for one of my courses. But then I try and think of why I’m taking this course. Usually I find out I actually want to do this because it helps me reach the goal of becoming the kind of psychologist I want to be. This realisation adds a kind of fierceness and determination to reaching a goal!

What helps you to keep going? Let me know in the comments below!



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